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About Us

PRIME YOUTHS & WOMEN EMPOWERMENT INITIATIVE (PYWEI) is a non-profit, non-governmental and non-cultural organization which came out of the concern about the plight of Adolescents, Young persons and women in the society. Prime Youth & Women Empowerment Initiative was founded in Benue State of Nigeria in 2015 and was formally registered with Corporate Affairs Commission in 2022 through the State Ministry of Women Affairs on 15th June, 2022 with Registration Number CAC/RN/182551

During the adolescence stage (ages 10–19), girls and boys begin to interact with the world in new ways – taking chances, learning skills and experiencing unfamiliar emotions. They venture beyond their families to form powerful connections with peers and search for ways to stand out and belong, to find their place in society and make a difference in their world but far too many are not getting what they need to realize their full range of rights and potentials. Poverty and deprivation, poor education Gender inequality, poor parenting and other forms of Social vices intersect with climate change, economic upheaval, conflict and displacement to threaten adolescents’ well-being. PYWEI was established as way of tackling/fighting these increasing social vices such as Child abuse, Adolescents high rates of school dropout out especially amongst girls at primary level of education, Limited access to sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights to the Adolescent, Limited access to Education for orphans and the Vulnerable children in the community, and limited access to economic assets by the women, Food security, Climatic change, livelihood challenges and also the rising rate of HIV infection amongst young women and adolescent girls in the society.

Our Team

As adolescent/youths and women wellbeing oriented organization we complement Government’s efforts by providing services and information to Adolescents/young persons and women, with special emphasis to those with disabilities at the grass root level. We are willing to learn and to partner with other NGOs and initiatives local or international to effect a positive change in our society

Fr. Philip Kor
Founder PYWEI

Fr. Philip Kor Fr Philip Kor is a Priest of

Blessing Ilim
Project Manager

A result oriented human development practitioner and a community mobilizer

Lilian Idoko
Head finance

Lilian Idoko is an accomplished manager with a masters degree

Aii Solomon
Desk Officer on Birth registration/Child Protection

Aii Solomon (Desk Officer on Birth registration/Child Protection)

Adolescents: To provide healthy personality development acquiring, vocational skills and professional development for their sustainability, to Prevent the youth in participating in antisocial activities. Provide Sexual Reproductive Health education as well as carrier guidance to the youth. Provide vocational training to the skilled persons, Counsel and motivate them to achieve their targets .Up gradation of the skills for the skilled workers with latest technology, Creating the self- employment opportunities, Engaging the youth in the work nature and keep away from the idleness, Creating the youth as a role model to the future generation. Involving them in the welfare activities and implementing the Govt. policies, Preventing the youth from the drug addiction, Creating awareness for the youth on the chronic diseases like HIV/AIDS etc

People with Disabilities: Identifying people with special needs and providing them with a platform to thrive through, provision of basic materials, vocational and life skills, psychosocial support, counseling and guidance etc.

Women: Identifying the poor child mothers and women and providing income generating activities to them through formation of self-help groups and adopting family planning & welfare programs relating opportunities in various vocational fields and providing training in their respective fields for sustainability, good parenting skills, ethiquette and other referral services.

About Services

PYWEI envision a society where Youths/Adolescent, Women and people with disabilities have equal access to sustainable socio-economic and health care opportunities irrespective of societal stratifications.

To create a healthy environment that promotes sustainable socio-economic development for Women, Youths, Adolescents, and people with disabilities in Urban and Rural communities through humanitarian aids, Developmental initiatives and Empowerments that alleviates poverty, improve standard of living and impart positive social transformation

To reduce the incidents of child abuse, Gender based violence, poverty, Exploitation, school dropout, early child marriage, and other social vises amongst Adolescents, women and people with disabilities through Advocacy, sensitization/awareness and Empowerment while creating a fair platform for individual and societal development.


  1. To equip Adolescents, Youths, Women and People with disabilities with adequate skills to interact with their environment using best practices which will make the environment contribute its quota to the overall wellbeing of humanity
  2. To improve sexual reproductive health among people of reproductive age and reduce HIV/AIDS prevalence and other health related challenges, through awareness creation, advocacy and sensitization, capacity building and referral
  3. To improve access to education and psycho-social well being of AYPs in the community.
  4. To equip AYPs with life skills and livelihood skills so as to improve their economic value through partnership, vocational and entrepreneurship training.
  5. To promote best practices in global human right cause especially the vulnerable groups in rural and urban communities, through referral, advocacy and sensitization
  6. To sustainably improve the standard of living of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) during natural and man facilitated emergency occurrences through WASH, HIV prevention intervention, relief material distribution and referral
  7. To create social stability and awareness on Sexual and Reproductive Health issues, through Community sensitization, Guidance and Counseling, Referrals and linkage Creation to services and other related adolescence issues.
  8. To create avenue for advocacy for human rights, peaceful resolution of conflicts and sustain socio- economic development through grassroots development and awareness on peace concepts and dialogue for AYPs.
  9. To advocate for a society whereby children and youth with disabilities have equal rights and opportunities for growth and development
  10. To Promote Vocational training and sustainable livelihoods opportunities for AYPs and encourage the grass root empowerment
  11. To create adolescence social Clubs for promotion of hygiene, chastity, social interaction and growths as well as leadership trainings
  12. To equip adolescents with ICT skills and knowledge and encourage creativity and new ideas